Baseline Study Project
Empowering Somaliland justice institutions to determine areas for international investment.

Baseline Study Project

Somaliland’s judiciary and justice sector continue to face difficulties in implementing their mandates. In particular, there remains a need to expand the reach and awareness of the formal justice sector to rural towns and villages; to improve legal skills and training; and to address the gender disparity within the judicial system. These foundational challenges prevent the public from accessing formal justice, and the justice sector from providing quality and efficient services to the public. To successfully address these challenges and create long-term change, Somaliland institutions must have the necessary data to determine where the international community should invest.


Horizon conducted a seven-and-a-half-month baseline study designed to identify in partnership with Somaliland’s judiciary and justice institutions strategic and lasting solutions to these challenges through investment opportunities that integrate human rights, institution strengthening and locally driven development.


Download and read the report here: Baseline Study Report


 This project was funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).