About Us

  • Who We Are

    Horizon Institute is a local Somaliland NGO that assists government, private sector, and not-for-profit institutions create and take advantage of development opportunities.


    Our Founding Principles

    Horizon Institute was founded in 2013 in response to the disconnect between local needs, human rights, development and institution building. We are driven by a conviction that leveraging local knowledge and prioritising human rights and the rule of law is key to strengthening governments and institutions, and moving communities from fragility to stability.


    Horizon’s work lies at the intersection of human rights, institution building and locally driven development. We integrate all three approaches to create effective initiatives that result in stronger and more resilient communities. 

  • Our Approach

    Horizon implements research and projects simultaneously. Our unique approach uses a combination of field monitoring and research to ensure that our projects are continually informed by a deep understanding of the local context.


    This in-depth local knowledge is combined with, and enhanced by, a wealth of international expertise; our team includes both Somalilander and international experts. 

  • Our Activities

    • Supporting the development of strategies and mechanisms to prosecute sexual violence effectively.
    • Supporting juvenile justice through monitoring of cases, legal training and advising on the establishment of juvenile courts.
    • Carrying out research to identify the most appropriate areas for investment in Somaliland's justice sector.