Horizon Institute welcomes the global focus on violence against women as part of the UN’s “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.” “With painful regularity”, said Horizon’s Director, Rakiya Omaar, “frightened women, and the distraught parents of young girls, reach out to Horizon’s paralegals and GBV Victims’ Advocates.” The trauma of rape and unimaginable violence has forced them to look for legal protection, medical care and practical support.


And why does any of this matter? Because it destroys the lives of the individuals affected and their loves ones, breaks up families, creates mistrust among neighbours and makes all women and girls feel unsafe.


Over the next few days, Horizon will provide additional information on the day to day reality of gender-based violence, what can and should be done to put an end to this on-going but needless suffering and what you, as a person, can do about it.


To receive confidential support, please contact our offices: Hargeisa (063 375 1063) and Burco (….)