Strengthening Institutions

January 27, 2016

As part of our overall goal to create resilient and stable institutions, Horizon has worked on an array of projects with multiple bodies that make up the justice sector in Somaliland. The majority of our work focuses on the Ministry of Justice, the Attorney General's Office, and the High Judicial Council. 

  • Ministry of Justice (MoJ)

    Somaliland's MoJ is responsible for the country's Public Defenders Office (PDO). The PDO, however, is not yet operational. Horizon's efforts to strengthen the capacity of the MoJ includes drafting a plan on how the PDO can be operationalised most effectively by using existing community level legal aid initiatives in Somaliland. In support of this effort, Horizon published a memo documenting the practical aspects of PDOs in other jurisdictions.

  • Attorney General's Office (AGO)

    Horizon works with a Somali Human Resources expert to build the capacity of the AGO's s human resources (HR) systems and procedures. This initiative includes training prosecutors and staff of the AGO and preparing work plans. Our expert has also created a performance appraisal system, organised the structure of the HR office, introduced a staff handbook and coached the Attorney General and his senior staff on work planning and setting performance objectives.


  • High Judicial Council (HJC)

    The constitutionally mandated HJC is the governing body of the courts and directs the administration of the Somaliland judiciary. It is the most important part in the overall administration of justice in Somaliland. Working with Somaliland's Chief Justice, Horizon carried out a functional review of the HJC in October 2015 to establish any existing weaknesses and gaps within the institution and to made recommendations to improve the function and effectiveness of the HJC.


  • Collaborative Efforts

    Central to Horizon's efforts to strengthen institutions is promoting collaboration between the institutions. We believe that by working together, Somaliland's institutions can increase productivity and service output. Through the Somaliland Justice Sector Project, Horizon has encouraged collaboratiion by conducting an initial data collection project with the AGO, the HJC and the MoJ. The aim of the data collection was to collect a snapshot of relevant data in order to facilitate planning and resource mobilisation, which can be prioritised on the basis of a sound analysis of the infrastructure, resources and workload realities of the Somaliland criminal justice system.