Improving Juvenile Justice

January 26, 2016

One of Horizon’s primary initiatives is strengthening and improving juvenile justice in Somaliland. We have conducted extensive research on children in conflict with the law, held juvenile justice workshops for prosecutors and judges, and worked with government institutions on drafting and organizing child diversion policies. Horizon has also been working with members of Somaliland’s criminal justice system to amend the Juvenile Justice Law. We also organised a successful study tour to South Africa for a group of prosecutors and judges to expand their knowledge on juvenile justice and its practice, and to empower them to return and begin implementing their own steps in improving the criminal justice system and children in detention.


  • Our work includes:

    • Training of Deputy Attorney Generals
      and judges on juvenile justice
    • Background study on children in detention in Somaliland
    • Practitioners’ booklet on the application of the Juvenile Justice Law
    • Draft sentencing guidelines for common juvenile offences
    • Child Diversion Policy and Child Diversion Guidelines
    • Proposed amendments to the Juvenile Justice Law 2007
    • A study tour to South Africa in October 2015