Combating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

January 4, 2016

Horizon works to strengthen the prosecution of sex crimes cases. Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is a sensitive topic in Somaliland and there is a severe lack of justice and services for victims. Our initiatives on SGBV include providing legal training to prosecutors and judges, and conducting comprehensive research on why SGBV cases fail in the formal justice system and revert to the traditional process. Horizon has worked with multiple local institutions ranging from the Attorney General’s Office to the Criminal Investigations Department to better understand the process and perceptions relating to SGBV. 

  • Our work includes:


    • Examining the proposed "anti-rape law" in Somaliland and providing technical advice on the legal provisions and practical dimensions of the draft bill
    • Training of Deputy Attorney Generals on SGBV
    • Training of Prosecutors, Social Workers and Police Officers on SGBV
    • Researching and writing a discussion paper on the challenges of prosecuting rape cases in the formal justice system
    • Researching the benefits of Individual Legal Representatives to support SGBV victims through the criminal justice system
    • Analysis of SGBV cases prosecuted by the Attorney General's Office